About Lon

Since the age of fourteen, Lon Jordan has spoken in front of thousands of youth nationwide. He has hosted a National TV talk show for young adults called "What's Real TV". He also has written numerous articles for educational publications around the U.S., such as the National PTA magazine Our Children. Lon has also appeared on ABC NEWS for his new book "Sketched By Design."

Where did "Sketched By Design" come from?

"As I embarked on my professional career, I experienced a growing frustration due to generations of our youth becoming disconnected and these students were not maximizing their potential for success in the 21st century. I created Sketched by Design, a concept that unites all generations with a common cause. I believe every student, parent, and educator is Sketched by Design. This means that there are unique characteristics in every person distinguishing him/her from others.

It is these very qualities that, if properly nurtured, will give current and future generations of our youth a competitive advantage in the 21st century. These qualities are frequently suppressed by society—a fact that could be detrimental to our future competitiveness. I believe that if we, as individuals, decide to work to maximize our unique attributes collectively, we will not only improve our schools, but we will change the world."

-Lon Jordan

Lon's Personal Story

At the age of four and a half, Lon’s father left the family. Like countless millions of broken homes, this resulted in great resentment and bitterness that became all-consuming. Through a series of events caused by anger, Lon began to take a deep look at himself and realized that if he did not forgive his father and deal with his issues, he would destroy his life and those around him. Lon's mother, a loving school teacher, along with other counselors helped him confront his pain and overcome many challenges. Due to these positive changes, Lon has dedicated his life to motivating students, parents, and educators to confront the challenges that life brings, and work together so that generations to come will have a brighter future. 

Life is not worth living unless you have a cause and a vision worth fighting for. - Lon Jordan