"Lon Jordan delivers an amazingly high-energy and interactive presentation for all audiences. He knows exactly how to engage the students from the get go and hold their interest throughout. Not only was his presentation entertaining and had the kids on their feet but also his message was inspiring and left a lasting impression among all. Lon Jordan is an exceptionally talented speaker and encourages students towards making positive change."
--Jennifer Kirchner, Teacher

"His speaking was very energetic and uplifting. He was able to keep my focus with every word. When he was finished, an overwhelming peace came over me."
--Alicia, Student

"When Lon speaks it is really relevant to this generation, he knows what we go through and puts it into words we can understand."
--Brenden, Student

"Lon did an excellent job adapting his presentation to meet the needs of a younger audience. The kids really loved him! Our youth today need as many positive role models...Lon is certainly one of them!"
--Kathleen Whalen, Teacher

"Lon Jordan is a very influential and talented speaker. He taught me a lot of things and showed me ways to deal with many situations. I recommend him for any youth event."
--Peace, Student

"He was an amazing speaker and knows how to keep the crowds attention. Everything he said was clear and understandable. I would love to hear him speak again."
--Stephen, Student

"As Lon spoke, I felt like he understood and has been through what I've been through. He humbled himself as a speaker and that's respectful. He has a message everyone needs to hear."
--Ruth, Student